Tips on Choosing the Right Pressure Washer

Understanding Pressure, Volume, Temperature, and Chemicals

With the many aspects to pressure cleaning, finding the right tool to do the job will save effort and dollars. Considerations must be given towards the specific problem you want to cure and also to the degree of clean that you want to accomplish.


It always takes less pressure utilizing Hot Water vs using cold water. This will also mean a cleaner object in less time. By using the correct nozzle size with correct pattern you can vary pressures and volumes from most machines without damaging what you are cleaning

  • 1000 PSI – Vehicles, houses
  • 2000 PSI – 18 wheelers, concrete, engines, fork-lifts
  • 3000 PSI – This has become standard for contractors, Municipalities, Construction equipment, & Hard surface Flat Work
  • 4000 PSI – Gives more of a chisel effect for removal of stubborn deposits. Can damage items if not properly trained in usage
  • 5000 PSI and up – Specialty cleaning and used as a tool.

All applications can be discussed with Reliable Power Systems
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The most misunderstood concept is that pressure dictates cleaning. NOT SO.

Volume provides the IMPACT and speeds up the cleaning process.
Company’s that make a living by pressure washing are purchasing high volume equipment.

  • 2 GPM – Household use
  • 3 GPM – Auto detailing and low water areas
  • 4 GPM – Truck washing and some surface cleaning
  • 5 GPM – Most popular for every thing
  • 6 GPM and above – Industrial and contract cleaning


The hotter the better to a point. Old fashioned steam cleaners operated @ 325 degrees and cleaned every thing extremely well. They are still used today for different processes.

  • 140 degrees Vehicles
  • 180 degrees Multi-purpose
  • 200 to 225 degrees The best for all around. Not all burner/coil systems heat equally or are engineered to do so.

We can check your temperature and find out if your machine is operating correctly.
You need an exit gauge to keep them honest.


There are normally four methods of applying chemicals. The least costly fastest and best is sending the chemical through the pump under high pressure and heated.

Currently the most common is utilizing a low pressure down stream injection. Manufacturers and chemical companies select this method. Call for more information.

Application with a hand sprayer is often utilized for direct application depending on strength and compatibility for the job on hand. When choosing the correct chemical many times it requires special knowledge to do it right.

By testing of product and dilution ratio will provide the information on how much does it cost per square foot of per individual task.

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