Hard Surface Cleaning

Hard Surface Cleaning Made Easy

There are many different Styles of Surface Cleaning Spinner Covers

All manufacturers say their’s are the best – even thought we know that is impossible.

The first consideration is: 
What gallons per minute is your pressure washer? Ideally a minimum of 4GPM because you split the water into 2 or 3 nozzle arms that should travel at 2000 rpm.

The more water volume the larger in diameter is the cleaning path.

The best working pressure is between 3000 and 3500 PSI

The reasoning is that any pressure higher than 3500 delivers a smaller water droplet and less impact on the surface.

Cost of the materials utilised by the manufacturer determines the reliability you want.

You can purchase a cheap swivel or a H.D. Long lasting swivel that is repairable.

The cover material can be light weight plastic for roof and mold cleaning, or heavy duty light weight aluminium, stainless steal is stronger but, weighs more.

The secret is optimizing those ingredients to suit the situational cleaning you want to accomplish.