Nothing works correctly without the right nozzle – NOTHING!

Just like real life you have to size things up to get the results expected. There are different qualities in spray nozzles along with various manufacturers.

A. Where one type of nozzle will allow you to finish a job in 60 minutes the better manufactured nozzle will accomplish this in 50 minutes. Time is money… Do the math.

B. There are different grades of stainless steel, some last longer. There is also hardened stainless for best impingement, impact and longevity. Finally for extreme duty the new ceramic insert nozzle.

C. Nozzle sizing is important for you to get the most bang for your buck. Incorrect sizing and spray angle will cost you time / money. Your machine will not operate at peak performance called wire draw.

D. Nozzles do wear out through a process just like changing oil in an engine, periodically you need to change the nozzle depending on quality.

E. Specialty nozzles are available to do a variety of chores. Just like the standard nozzle they come in various stages of quality.

F. Example scenarios
(1) Your homeowner with a box pressure washer. He enjoys the time it takes to clean his patio and really dosen’t care about the time period. This customer can use the low price nozzle and be happy.
(2) You have contracted a job for a set amount of money. It takes 5 or 6 hours instead of the estimated 4 hours. This hurts the pocketbook plus doesn’t allow for a second job in the same day. EPILOGUE: Nozzles and equipment sized for the job at hand and kept in good operational mode will make you money. No doubt about it.